A Volunteer...

The Value of One.

The Power of Many.

Our volunteers are an incredible asset to the success of the St. John’s Jazz Festival!

Thank-you for your interest in volunteering for the St. John's Jazz Festival. Please visit us again February 28th, 2006 to submit your volunteer application for the 5th Annual St. John's Jazz Festival- July 19-23, 2006.

Our sincere thanks to all volunteers who donated their valuable time to the 2005 St. John's Jazz Festival.

Any questions please contact:

Suzan Finn - Volunteer Coordinator

106 Freshwater Road

Rabbittown Theatre Bldg., 2nd Floor

St. John's, NL Canada A1C 2N8

Phone: (709) 739-7734 Fax: (709) 739-7706

Email: sfinn@stjohnsjazzfestival.com